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Eramus+ project (English)

Building Europe through Entrepreneurship and Employment

Entrepreneurship, a priority of EU policy, encourages innovative and enterprising citizens with the necessary skills for life-long learning. Our project, involving ten schools, nine countries, will offer our students new learning opportunities to explore the business and working world of product development on a European scale. Due to high unemployment across Europe, we need to strengthen the entrepreneurship skills of our students. We also aim to create an awareness among our students of the varying levels of unemployment that exist across Europe and how to entrepreneurship and mobility can overcome this. Our project aims to help students to open their eyes to new possibilities and new ways of learning. This will be achieved by researching consumer markets as well as innovative practices and trends within Europe. This will further develop information and communication skills and enhance collaboration between students and teachers across borders.

This project will provide a number of benefits to students, teachers, schools and their wider communities including business partners. This will not only promote creativity but will enable students to focus on their own strengths to make good choices on future career paths, to develop  necessary skills, to create global networks and to broaden their horizons in a European context. The skills gained will promote responsible students and active citizenship which will have positive impact in their homes, schools and local community. For teachers this will enhance professional skills and competences, including gaining insight into methodologies applied in partner schools and businesses. For schools our project will foster and develop relationships with businesses, making them aware of their future employees therefore motivating students to aspire and achieve. This will particularly benefit pupils who are disengaged with traditional education and are in danger of leaving school early by making them aware of the relevance of their education to the world of work.